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Injectpower develops energy storage technology and microbatteries for implantable medical devices. Its miniaturized solid state battery enables devices to operate as sensors or actuators that collect data continuously and autonomously for weeks without recharging. Our microbatteries, developed over 16 years with 40 patents,  are manufactured using a validated semiconductor supply chain, offering high reliability. Over 1 million have been produced to date.



Philippe Andreucci, CEO & Co-founder (FR)

Andreucci has a strong background in transforming innovation in labs to real products. He has 20 years of R&D, product engineering, marketing & management in microelectronics, micro & nanosystems. He was previously co-founder and director of the CEA-CALTECH Alliance in nanosystems (France-USA). He is a skilled entrepreneur who has raised more than 30M Euros in funding), and has extensive business development experience in bringing in strategic customers. He was co-founder and CEO (7 years) of APIX Analytics (France) & a board member for numerous Deeptech start-ups.


Ariel Cao, co-founder (USA)

Cao brings a strong background in team building, organizational management, business development and technical expertise to Injectsense. With more than 25 years of experience in electronic device design and fabrication, product marketing/lifecycle management, and executive administration, his in-depth knowledge across multiple industry sectors has enabled him to secure more than $375 million dollars in contracts for cutting-edge semiconductor products, medical devices, sensors, and intellectual property. 



Rafael Salot, CTO (FR)

Salot is CTO at Injectpower, with more than 20 years of experience in micro-battery design and technology development. He has a strong background in managing collaborative projects that include both academic and industrial partners, having served as R&D lab manager for micro-battery technology at CEA-LETI for 12 years. He was behind the development of the technology licensed by Injectpower and oversaw the growth of the project, managing a team of 40 people spread over several geographical sites. He received his diploma in material engineering and has a Ph.D. in materials science, from ENSPG. 


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